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You Dont Matter [entries|friends|calendar]
James Brown

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boogers on my wall [09 Aug 2006|02:36am]
[ mood | anxious ]

ehh finally i have a day off today. so im gonna sleep all day, and hopefully i see steff at night. keiths house was good. me and keith dominated beer pong never lost a game. yeah nigga. then we played fucked the dealer, i never got fucked. but rob, mike and, nick did hahaha so funny. i got home a little while ago, and now im just gonna listen to music and go to sleep with my dog :)

You Don't Give A Fuck About Me

[08 Aug 2006|01:51am]
[ mood | calm ]

drunk. kinda. not really. bagels tomorrow? should be sick. keiths house tomorrow should be sicker. word. idk know what else to write. new early november cd is sooooo sick.

1 Felt The Weight of The World You Don't Give A Fuck About Me

New Computer [07 Aug 2006|03:04am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So I got a powermac G5. And Its fucking awesome. So fast. I gotta get use to it though its madd confusing. So use to windows. But I got an MBox, and Studio monitors. and as soon as i have money for Pro tools ill be grillin' mad beats son. Baseball tomorrow? Gonna be really really good. Party saturday? Keg? Who knows. Week off from work starting the 14th, staying in the city, then 311 on the 19th. Gonna be really fun. Then before I know it ill be at school in the studio. At least I have stuff to look foward to. I wish i could change somethings right now, but Is not up to me anymore I dont think. Well see what happens. Well im gonna probally be going to sleep soon. Peace sonz.

2 Felt The Weight of The World You Don't Give A Fuck About Me

5:41 AM. [02 Aug 2006|05:41am]
[ mood | Sobering Up ]

Yooo been soo long. Summer. Wow. That's all I gotta say. It's been really good. Its been extremely bad. I think I'm gonna give this journal thing another try. So first REAL entry in Months. Here goes.

So Tonight? Keith's House. Holy shit. First off. James, thanks for pouring Pineapple Rum ALL OVER my head. Not. Beer Pong, 6 and 2? Not bad at all. Classic homie's chillin' for the first time in a long time? So much fun, missed that shit baby. 2:30 AM White Castle run on foot, awesome. Walking home with no shirts on even better. Team piss on Alvee's lawn? Sorry Alvee.

Night would have ended really nice if I could have gotten comfortable on the death chair in Keith's basement. But it kept vibrating and moving. And James screaming for no reason did not help my cause, haha. Called madd people to come get me, and Steff actually got out of bed at 4 in the morning and came and got me. Mucho props to her.

So I sit here. Freshly showered, ready for the day ahead of me. No Work. Nice. Heading over to the tattoo shop in like 6 hours, maybe I'll get something, still undecided. Clerks 2 later on, then idk.

Oh I just ordered like three things online, costing $43.67. Why? idk, getting a credit card was the worst mistake of my life. Oh well. I must lay down and try to sleep. Probably wont happen. Good night.

5 Felt The Weight of The World You Don't Give A Fuck About Me

Prom Party [11 Jun 2006|08:18pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Yo its been like forever. Im here to say one thing.

My house after prom for a party, bring a tent if you want to sleep over and we will chill out in my backyard all night. There will be food, and of course drinks. I want this to be a good party, and I want all my homies there, old and new. So let me know if your up for it.

This should be a fun night, a last hoorah for the year. And I want everyone to sign my year book and sign theirs so if you see me in school give me your book.

2 days.

You Don't Give A Fuck About Me

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